Falwell faces some backlash on arming college students

"[S]tudents at another Christian university—Wheaton College in Wheaton, Ill.—say Falwell’s position does not represent Christian ideals. In an open letter to evangelical leaders, a coalition of Wheaton students condemned Falwell’s remarks, saying they were responding to 'religious oppression or violence' with fear instead of love." WORLD

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I wonder if some of these students are the same ones trying to change Wheaton's position on homosexuality. You never know . . .

Wally Morris

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Odd how some so easily assume that...
1. You can't be motivated by both love *and* fear
2. That love cannot be focused on defending the innocent from attack by shooting the attacker.

How much love is there in letting someone kill a bunch of people when you could stop him?

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...if those students were led by the 60% of Wheaton professors that are said (Intercollegiate studies Institute, is the source) to have voted for President Obama?  OK, shooting criminals is bad, aborting innocents is A-OK?  I'm having trouble figuring that one out.

Seriously, didn't our Lord tell the Disciples to have a sword?  For what purpose?  Yes, there were times when He told them to abstain from self-defense and the defense of others (e.g. disciple in the garden cutting off the soldier's ear), but I don't know that total pacifism is a necessary conclusion of the Gospel.  Were not David and Moses men after God's own heart....and men who waged war when necessary?

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