Cashless society: A huge threat to our freedom

… an unfortunate approaching moment in time when our current technological snooping prowess, the ease of big data manipulation and our sprint to a cashless economy will converge. This will happen in such a way as to permit governments to exercise incredibly powerful control over all human behavior.”  Cashless society: A huge threat to our freedom

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This is inevitable.

For decades this "cashless society" has been predicted and only now does the tech exist to actually make it happen.  You will see all of the positives (and there are some) of a cashless society (and the tech that goes with it) emphasized, but the negatives will be glossed over or ignored.  We now see the confluence of the tech needed to track, quantify and, yes, control human beings -- individually and en masse.  Of course, freedom will suffer.  But, as we have seen illustrated so many times before, people will give up their freedom for security.


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Haven’t dug into this cashless=control idea much, but it seems to me that when currency becomes a vehicle for control, people simply find other currency when it suits them. So my prediction (as one not qualified to make predictions at all) would be that when cashless becomes oppressive, there will be much more “if you’ll fix my car, I’ll give you some meat from my freezer” stuff going on.

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Yeah. Look what’s already happening with BitCoin. If official government currency was suddenly only available “cashless,” it wouldn’t take much for other currencies to spring up. They could even be cashless as long as they aren’t government controlled.

Dave Barnhart