How to Convince an Atheist that God Exists

"'There is really no such thing as an atheist,' has smugly crossed the lips of more than few of my conversation partners over the years followed by a variation of the 'foxhole' story. That accusation was even thrown in my face several times by Christians when I was an atheist. Trust me, that doesn’t encourage atheists to listen to whatever else is said by the Believer, including any gospel presentation that might follow." - John Ellis

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The post is a repost from John, but worth a second read.

We need to quit straw-manning belief systems we disagree with. It really helps no one.


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Really helpful. My son is an atheist and a good debater. It’s easy sometimes in our discussions to be more concerned with decimating his arguments than just reminding him of the good news. He would echo all that John had to say about his atheism costing him something. Thanks for posting this one (and for writing it John).

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I'm grateful to hear that it was an encouragement/ helpful. Praise God. Upon reading your comment, I prayed for you and your son. For wisdom for you to know how to best love your son via a gospel witness and continued faith to cling to your great Savior even as your heart breaks for your son. And for repentance and faith in Christ for your son.