Obama's claims on Islam evaluated

Even in the final decade of Muhammad's life, during which he engaged violent campaigns against non-Muslims, he did not carry out "evangelism by the sword," Brooks said, but operated "according to a reasonable code of just war theory that was consistent with the developing Islamic worldview." BPNews

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It's worth noting that Islam did, at least from the time of Mohammed's death, spread through conquest--a conquest going as far as France (through Spain) by the eighth century.  Moreover, it is hard for anyone who remembers the history of the Ottoman Empire to come to the conclusion that Islam did not spread through conquest, never mind those who remember the Moghuls in India and so on.  

Don't get me wrong; I don't mind at all if Islam turns over a new leaf, but let's not be naive about what it has been for the past 14 centuries; rather aggressive until heroes like Charles Martel or John Sobieski come around.

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