Church Uses Baby Monitor To Help Nab Suspected Copper Thieves

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Baby monitors are great. We use them so that the message can still be heard in the church basement if mommy needs to take the kids downstairs. My wife has also used it to listen if she had to stay home with a sick child (the parsonage is right next to the church).
The only time our church was broke into was when our dog was visiting the in-laws otherwise she barks and lets us know if anyone is around. The thieves damaged a door before simply pulling the pins on the hinges. That door had been there for about a hundred years and had not been a problem. Fortunately they didn't take anything (not much of monetary value in our church). I'm glad they left the pipes and wiring. We did replace the door though.

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They're also good for bigger kids too. When we did foster care and adoption, we had one hidden under one of the bed of our little chatterboxes. We would yell up the stairs "Time to stop talking and go to sleep." Then we'd hear one of them say to another "How can they hear us down there? We were whispering." They didn't find out till they were teenagers.