Why is there no national conversation about the divorce?

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Shame on anyone, husband or wife, who divorces for other than biblical reasons.  Even in the absence of mental illness, it causes the kids great grief.  Ultimately, it sends them the message that selfishness rules, even for Christians.  I think of the millstone Jesus mentioned (Mt. 18:6; Mark 9:42; Luke 17:2), though we don't often see the millstone in this life and, seemingly, the initiator of the frivolous divorce will never take responsibility for any of the consequences.

Speaking of marriages where there are children with special needs, one of the reasons those situations put such stress on a marriage is that the mother is so personally invested in the treatment and services her special needs child receives (whether she realizes it or not, she regards it as a reflection on herself) she can be very critical and disrespectful of her husband's child-rearing approach when it differs from hers.  She ends up driving a wedge in the relationship that would otherwise be a source of mutual help, comfort, and strength.