Fidel Castro is dead

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Sorry, you get 10% of the population leaving with the threat of a number of machine gun bullets following them, I'm going to have some trouble mourning the guy who did this to "ding-dong, the witch is dead...."  

Let's remember....political prisons, letting people freeze to death in mental hospitals in the tropics, turning a beautiful island in the tropics into a economic no go zone, appropriating hundreds of young ladies as his personal harem...siphoning off billions for his own palace and luxury while pretending to be a man of the people....

....really, I have to wonder if we could have been rid of this guy decades ago if we'd taken "Radio Marti" seriously and gotten some real information on how the party elite were living to the people of Cuba.  And really, that Oliver Stone quote just tells me that too many people can't get enough money on that wheel to buy a clue from Vanna.  Wasn't Communism supposed to, say, END exploitation like prostitution?  

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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I may have the name misspelled but Cuba is still harboring Black Liberation Army member Chesimore. She killed a New Jersey State Trooper.

i remember even in the early 80s they were finding stashes of dynamite connected to the weatherman in South Jersey.  They were also arresting weatherman members.  

One time they drained a lake in South Jersey to repair a dam and in the middle of the lake they found a stash of weapons and explosives connected to the Black Liberation Army. Castro supported these nuts  

Chesimore will probably die of old age in Cuba and will never be brought to justice so good riddance to Castro.  Jersey State Troopers have no kind thoughts toward  Chesimore and the Black Luberation Army considering they had a number of shoot outs with them.  

I remember hearing a NJ Trooper relating a story at a Seminar about a Black Liberation Army bomb factory blowing up.  The Trooper said nothing gave him more pleasure then finding  only the bomb makers "CHICLETS "(Teeth) as the only human remains found at the site.  This guy was a personal friend of the State Trooper Chesimore killed    

So Castro and his legacy is very dark.