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I don’t really know enough about Revoice to agree or disagree but his statement that it is a larger threat than even the extremes of FV seems a stretch. At the very least FV is more obvious of a threat since it pertains to the gospel and justification. The PCA after all considers itself the doctrinal descendants of Calvin and nothing was so central to the reformation as justification.

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I'm not quite sure whether their end game is to simply end the comments that sound a lot like those of Westboro, or whether it's to remove Biblical teaching on sexuality altogether.  I am inclined to show them some grace and assume the former.

Either way, I would agree with Josh that Wilson owes his readers a little more explanation on why it matters more than FV.  My "in a nutshell" explanation would be that FV has to do with the Gospel, yes; Revoice could, if I am wrong about their intents, strike at the very heart of the nature of God.  Unfortunately, if Wilson has done this, I'm not finding it with a reasonable amount of searching on his blog.  So it appears to be an argument that is rather veiled at best.

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