John Dewey and the Progressive Case for Homeschooling

“Dewey did not advocate for homeschooling….But given the choice between homeschooling and a rigid school system intent only on imparting information, Dewey might well have recommended homeschooling.”

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....and it's directly contrary to the take that John Taylor Gatto makes in his Underground History of American Education, which argues more or less that a critical part of the development of modern education systems in Dewey's day was specifically to undermine liberal education (grammar, dialectic, rhetoric) and thus concentrate mostly on....imparting information.  Gatto argues that a critical factor was the need to undermine contentment so people would man the steam engines.

Whichever is true about Dewey, avoiding the habit of conditioning kids to man the steam engines is a great reason to homeschool. 

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It's been a long time since I read Dewey but if memory serves, while he would probably support home schooling, he probably would not support Christian home schooling.

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