Did 21% of evangelicals vote for Obama?

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Maybe the most startling stat  in the article is that 21% of Mormons voted for Obama. So many things about this election make little or no sense other than the blindness of the lost and the spiritual infantilism in the church.

Why is it that my voice always seems to be loudest when I am saying the dumbest things?

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Not too surprising when one scans the world of LDS internet.

In the next four years, I am sure the G.A.'s will experience increasing pressure by the progressives within the LDS Church on the homosexual issue.  Zion is going to feel the squeeze.  So will Boy Scouts (the LDS deacon ministry by the boys). 

  • Some LDS will be energized as gay activists
  • Some LDS will be more vocal as Mormon feminists
  • Some LDS will be encouraging the increase of taxes of the rich (Currently, the homes closer to the temples on the hills are the bigger mansions)
  • And Harry Reid will carry on as usual

But Southern Idaho will entrench itself like a modern day Alamo, after these towns recover from the shell-shock.

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... probably say Buddha was a good Christian.

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Great way to put it in perspective, Aaron.   Here's another.

About 40% of Evangelicals aren't.