"There are all kinds of situations that may warrant a pastor's earning and keeping income besides through his church ministry."

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That investment of time could have focused more directly on the church. It wasn't. The last thought in my mind was, They owe me. They didn't. I owed them. To this day, I know that Bethlehem Baptist Church was more a gift to me than I was to her.

God bless John Piper.  Can you imagine if this was the heart of every pastor,  every mega-church pastor?   If only...if only...

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This is impressive for sure.  Even if you don't like Piper, its hard not to respect this.


Roger Carlson, Pastor
Berean Baptist Church

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Weird description on this filing. The quote seems to imply Piper's all for pastor's earning lots of income.  His article is for anything but that.

It is a great piece, glad you're sharing it, it just is an odd excerpt.

His article is jarring when one compares the public salaries other conservative pastors of large/prominent churches and leaders of other large ministries get. It's a matter of public record that some of those men take a significant salary from their ministry and still get a six figure salary from their church on top of it. It is quite disappointing, which is why Piper's attitude is so refreshing.

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