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John Thweatt said: "I wept not so much for myself but for the millions of babies that will continue to be aborted year after year.  Make no mistake this president will continue to create a culture of death and will most likely appoint at least two people to our Nation’s Supreme Court.  Any guesses as to how the people he appoints will feel about Roe verses Wade?  Without a move of God abortion is here to stay and there is nothing that we can do about it."


  1. Roe v Wade is not the cause of abortion. 
  2. Abortion was a problem in America before Roe v Wade
  3. If that premise (point # 2 above) is true, overturning Roe v Wade will not end abortion Elected "champions" who opposed Roe v Wade (Presidents who opposed: Reagan, Bush 1, Bush 2) were unable to see it overturned
  4. I doubt had Romney (or for that matter Dole or McCain) been elected that they could have overturned it
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And I'm not convinced many politicians even desire to end abortion. They certainly won't risk their careers to end it. These are major reasons a presidential candidate's stated view on abortion plays little role in my vote.

Most people seem not to understand how entrenched abortion is, legally. Roe is not the only major case that would have to be overturned. A constitutional amendment defining life is the more likely route, though still terribly unlikely.

But what do I know? My vote doesn't even count! See, failure of DCVRA.

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I see nothing good for our country's future. Even if Romney had won, it would have made little difference, perhaps only to temporarily halt the onslaught of humanism (atheistic and theistic). The root sin of Adam and Eve, a desire for autonomy from God, continues to this day and, indeed, it grows even stronger. It is clear the "conventional wisdom" of conservative pundits that ordinary Americans were center-right in political leanings, is dead. I wanted to believe this myth. I had hoped that, somewhere, Christian values, diluted as they are in so many churches across our country, would have made the difference in this election. I was wrong.

People don't want to be subject to God's word or His authority. They want to determine the rules. Now, with this Republican defeat, I hear the pundits calling for a more "moderate" approach to "social issues." This polite euphemism really conceals an exasperated demand for "tolerance" for abortion, homosexuality and drugs. The Republican party of the future will try to cater to these whims, and in a few short years I don't think we will even recognize it.

Americans are more and more influenced by theistic or atheistic humanism. The old quote from Nietzsche about the death of God comes to mind. Americans don't want God in their lives; they are doing fine without Him. Sin has a stranglehold on our society. I am glad I don't trust in the world, and that God, by His grace, saved those of us who believe in Christ. I am not disturbed about the re-election of Obama; I am terrified about what this says about the values of our fellow citizens.



Tyler is a pastor in Olympia, WA and works in State government.

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I am not disturbed about the re-election of Obama; I am terrified about what this says about the values of our fellow citizens.

My thoughts exactly.

I expect the next for years to be more or less status quo. Obama's victory bothers me far less than the implications this election has about the massive shift in social values that has occurred even in this past decade.

That a presidential candidate could so easily claim victory after giving full support to gay marriage and (nearly?) every form of abortion available...

Sorry to essentially repeat you, but I thought it bore repeating.


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Jim wrote:

  1. Elected "champions" who opposed Roe v Wade (Presidents who opposed: Reagan, Bush 1, Bush 2) were unable to see it overturned
  2. I doubt had Romney (or for that matter Dole or McCain) been elected that they could have overturned it

Jim, you are unfortunately very correct with these comments. In my country, we have no abortion law at all. Our courts struck down the anemic one we had a few years ago. We currently have a Conservative Prime Minister who also is allegedly an evangelical Christian. He won't allow anyone in his party to bring up an anti-abortion bill of any kind in the house. If they bring up what is called a Private Member's bill (i.e., self-sponsored), he won't support it. Everything with him is about re-election and tilting our country right fiscally.

The problem is that anti-abortion is not a winning political issue. That is certainly true in Canada. I suspect that it is probably true today in the USA.

The problem is a spiritual one, not a political one. The solution is revival. Though I don't think we can 'work up' revival, we can at least put our energies into evangelism and discipleship rather than some of the other distractions that obsess us.


Don Johnson
Jer 33.3

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I have been amazed (and disappointed) at how many of my professing Christian friends who are non-white expressed support for Obama on FB.

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The people of this country who re-elected this guy are immoral or ignorant enough to do so even against their own financial interest. I thought that since old American values won't come through for us this time, at least American greed would at least come through if nothing else. Most of the time, Americans vote with their pocketbooks. This time, they didn't even care about about unemployment & economic disaster...they were more interested in their own immoral interests being propagated and institutionalized. Or for those like my grandmother who are against the immorality of abortion and gay marriage, they just voted for Obama out of ignorant stupidity being products of the mass media brain washing.

60 Million people in our country are either stupid or wicked.

The next time I hear anyone complain about their high taxes or unemployment, I'm going to let them know that if they voted for Obama, they get what they deserve.

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Remember the 47%

  • You have people who are employed but 
  • Lower income
  • They are not voting about abortion or gay marriage (they may not even be "immoral" ... they have a real marriage and they have not aborted any children
  • And they believe in government solutions. Obama offered some things people want: no-preexisiting conditions on healthcare (by the way ... if you have a pre-existing condition this is a very big deal!), standard annual physicals covered (think mammograms / the every 10 year colonoscopy for 50+)
  • We know people who voted for Obama and the are not ignorant or immoral! 
  • And remember the good - old Republicans ... hey they have failed the country too! 

Positive spin on Obama:

  • He ended the war in Iraq (retort ... yeah but Bush put the process in place)
  • He got Osama bin Laden (retort ... it was the Seals ... it was government policy in place pre-Obama)
  • He is winding the war down in Afghanistan (retort .... see Bush comment above)
  • He has kept us out of war with Iran (retort ... so far!)
  • Gay marriage (retort ... consider the libertarian view  ) Plus many Republicans take the same view)
  • Abortion (same as above ... and just because it is legal doesn't mean that  the proponent of legalized abortion is him/herself pro-abortion .. rather - pro-choice)
  • Obamacare (retort: we already have socialized medicine for those 65+ and the poor .... it's just extending it a bit. Also Obamacare makes sure people have to buy health insurance. Currently many don't. When they are sick or in an accident their debts are wiped off .... thus others who are responsible-enough to have health insurance are subsidizing the pikers)

Additionally ... consider the new growing minority - Hispanics. The Republicans really never addressed immigration reform. The solution of a giant wall on the south border .... and round 'em (the illegals (or undocumented)) all up and ship them back is not realistic unless we have a much larger police / security force 

And Republicans and women have issues. The guy (running for senate in MO who made the rape comment ... and the guy in Indiana with rape is "God's will" (I believe his comments were possibly taken out of context). Plus Republicans have their own morality issues ... consider Newt Gingrich who was having an affair while he was critical of President Clinton (I mean .. the "pot calling the kettle black!")


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We're asking the government to do what Paul never asked for

I'm all for voting and for trying to reduce abortion through various mechanisms (delay, parental notification, requiring informational brochures and sonograms .... etc). And for voting to define marriage as one man / one woman (as I just did this week here in Minnesota!)

Is it wrong-headed to expect government to do what the Gospel (and the preaching thereof) is intended to do. Redeemed people are changed people

Going back to the failed experiment called the Moral Majority we have politicized the Gospel. Being a Republican (which I firmly am) has become the 6th fundamental of the faith (if these are the other 5)

While the US was clearly founded on Judeo-Christian precepts, it never was a Christian nation. And our job is not to make it one (via politics). 

We have prostituted ourselves with the political system. They love our support, money and energy but forsake us when they have been elected.