Soul-winning: What About Motivation?

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I thought.

I especially like this quote: " Biblical soul-winners are firmly committed to obeying the Lord and leaving the results up to Him. " That's what the delivery of the Gospel is to be...a delivery, not a craftsmanship nor a marketing gimmick or approach. For example, telling someone the benefits of the Christian life before telling them that their eternal soul is in danger of Hellfire because of their rebellion against God would be putting the cart before the horse...yet many people do it, and it leads to many false converts IMO.


Simply put, a God-called evangelist should never use anything other than the approach Peter, Paul or the other apostles did, which is to declare the facts of the Gospel and let the Lord do the rest. In order, I suppose, would be these facts: God, Sin, Death, Hell, Christ's life, death, burial and resurrection, then a call to " Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved..." Leaving out the fact that God exists and He is to be feared, really takes the Bad News out of the Good News...for without the Bad, what good is the Good?


I also thought the article didn't get deep enough, but it seemed to be a good exhortation in the limited space allotted. Smile



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What!!!  We shouldn't tell them about the earthly riches they will see and the health that they will benefit from?

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I'm hoping that your post is an attempt at sarcastic humor, and if so, then I get it...;)