Palestine Wins Same U.N. Status as the Vatican

“The vote, which changes Palestine’s U.N. observer status from ‘entity’ to ‘non-member observer,’ represents a unilateral Palestinian bid to become an internationally recognized sovereign state. Both the United States and Israel voted against the change, citing the need for bilateral efforts in order to achieve peace in the region.”

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How the U.N. Will Destroy Leftists' Dreams of a 'Two-State Solution'

Hamas will never accept Abbas's authority over one square inch of "Palestinian" land, just as they will never agree to accept the legitimacy of the State of Israel. That means, at best, that what the United Nations will be setting in motion is a three-state solution, not a two-state solution. What the left will learn, much to their chagrin, is that the United Nations has just removed Israel from a very difficult situation. A two-state solution, whereby Gaza and the West Bank were part of a single nation, was a geographical and security nightmare. It did not work for Pakistan, which is now Pakistan and Bangladesh. It had even less chance of working for "Palestine." Now, with Abbas accepted by the United Nations but not by the duly elected government of the Gaza Strip, a three-state solution is firmly along the way, eliminating the need for Israel to find a way to permit transportation and communications interconnections across their sovereign land.