Mark Driscoll: 'Twilight' Is for Girls What Porn Is to Boys

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Well, I'll state the obvious.  I'm not a woman, and I've not read or watched any of it.  So my question goes out from that given.  What do other think about that article?  I thought about posting it on my facebook page, but I decided against it because of the second sentence of this post.  So, I'll be even more specific.  In a similar sense to how a male is given false expectations "visually", is this what is going on "emotionally" for women who read and watch this kind of material?  Is it also just as damaging?

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Unoriginal.  He is just repeating what others have said about Twilight (something I wouldn't waste time on).  On a somewhat similar note, is there any proof Driscoll ever talks about something besides porn in some way?  Proof would be great.

1 Kings 8:60 - so that all the peoples of the earth may know that the LORD is God and that there is no other.

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I found the tone of the article crude and off-putting. I have no idea who Driscoll is and really don't care, but I think Christian men should act like gentlemen, even while penning articles. I find the phrase "cougar mom" to be ridiculous and unnecessary. Some may say I'm a prude, and perhaps I am, but the tone of the article was not gentlemanly. I didn't like it.

The content is what it is, but it could and should have been presented better. Why didn't Driscoll comment on how God has always wanted his people, both Israel and the church, to be holy because He is holy? That is why the Twilight movies are wrong and twisted. They are not honoring to God in any way at all, and Christians ought not to go see them. That would have been a better route to go.

Distasteful article, unfortunate tone.


Tyler is a pastor in Olympia, WA and an Investigations Manager with a Washington State agency. He's the author of the book What's It Mean to Be a Baptist?

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Something can be junky, banal, and even potentially unhealthy without being porn. Verbal precision, please.


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meet kettle. While I agree that Twilight is emotional porn for girls (and, unfortunately, women), I can't imagine taking Driscoll's opinion on what is and isn't appropriate seriously. 

Twilight has definitely furthered the idea of the romantic hero vampire (which probably originated with Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles), as well as desensitizing its audience to abuse and pedophilia. Unless you don't think that a guy over 100 years old with a teenage girl is a pedophile, nor is disabling her truck so she can't leave her house and throwing her across the room abuse.

I've read comparison's of Twilight to Jane Austen (oy vey), but I don't recall any of the gentlemen in Austen's novels telling the heroine that he wanted to kill and eat her. 

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I would agree, except the books knit sex and death and violence with 'true love'. Call me crazy, but I think these books paved the way for the Fifty Shades trilogy. Which are unquestionably pornographic.