Dr. Jim Binney Resigns L.E.A.D. Ministries

Dr. Jim Binney Resigns

After much prayer and consultation, Dr. Binney has decided to resign from L.E.A.D. Ministries, and the Board of Directors has accepted his resignation. Dr. Binney, at the suggestion of the board, his church and his doctors, is taking a ninety-day ministry/medical sabbatical, effective immediately, to rest and regain his physical strength.

It is the Board of Director’s desire to keep this very special ministry active, if that is God’s will. Please be assured that our staff will continue to meet the needs of struggling people just as it has done in the past. In the last several months our trained counselors have been doing all of the counseling without Dr. Binney, and God has continued to bless. Couples continue to register for our one-week intensive counseling program and are also calling us for telephone counseling.

Even though the Lord has seen fit to bring change into our midst, we would prayerfully ask that you continue your loving support and prayers for this ministry so that God can continue to restore broken lives for His glory.

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