Famed atheist Hitchens to debate at Christian school in Plano

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Thanks for the link, Jeff.
From the article...

Hitchens wrote:
“I don’t like the idea of a father who never goes away … a king who cannot be deposed … a judge who does not allow a lawyer, jury or appeal,” he said.

Very honest. He doesn't like it.

Seems to me that a lot of these atheists suffer from a severe lack of imagination. They cannot seem to imagine a being who is profoundly unlike a man. So they keep getting in a huff about God's absolute authority, His unconditional demand for worship, etc. You only need a "lawyer, jury or appeal," where you have a finite, less-than-righteous judge.
So they are consistently straw-manning Christianity by failing (choosing not?) to grasp the concept of being Who is infallible.

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From the initial, partial reports this was Hitchens's strongest argument. So much for becoming an athiest in the basis of science or logic.

I also think there are often personal relationship issues which are at play in men who develop into outspoken athiests. I doubt seriously there is any outspoken athiest who had a loving, affirming relationship with his father.

Like Dembski, but in our smaller circles we need to be engaging people like Hitchens - and those not as advanced in athiesm as he - with the salvation offer of our loving Savior.

The recording of the full debate can be found online starting Monday here http://www.pcawebcast.com/2010debate/

Jeff Brown