“I think it is ridiculous that people are creating Jesus jerseys with Tebow´s number. I like Tebow but that is just wrong”

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Could it be that people see Jesus in Tebow? Tim Tebow has sincerely and humbly walked out his faith on a national stage for 6 years now. Through success, failure, pressue, criticism, and praise he has continually reflected Jesus in his action and words. He has glorified His Father! He has honored his family. And people see Jesus in him.

The Tebow jersey with Jesus name on it is perfect example of how believers are to walk through this world. People are to see Jesus in us. Tim is doing a great job of showing off the Jesus that lives in him.

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There is a word for someone who mimics Christ; it is Christian.

To purposely take the given name of the only begotten, divine, Son of God, Savior of the world, Wonderful Counselor, mighty God, everlasting Father, Prince of Peace and stitch it on the back of a football jersey for $100, thereby ascribing that name to a mere mortal man, profanes the name.

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Denver Bronco fans booed the great John Elway when he had weak performances.

Tebow is no Elway and when he falters .... well ... no one will be associating Jesus with his jersey!

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Jim Peet wrote:
Tebow is no Elway ....

As a life-long fan of the arch-enemy to the Broncos, the Kansas City Chiefs, but a former Floridian and major league Tebow fan, I would simply add one word to your assessment of Tebow vs. Elway....



(Only Tebow could make me root for a Bronco!)

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This is not about an upstanding, young, Christian man who plays football, prays on the sidelines, funds and visits orphanages, and models Jockey undershirts. This is about the propriety (or impropriety) of ascribing to the saved the name of the Savior. None of us are worthy of that honor.

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Christians. We are worthy of that honor precisely because of Jesus.

Some enterprising non believer put two and two together and has a business idea that offends you. Consider what it means. Praise the Lord that the world recognizes Jesus in Tim Tebow. The world sees us as Dana Carvey's self-righteous 'church lady'. Tebow is demonstrating what an authentic Chirstian looks like and the world has noticed "Christ in him". That is worth celebrating.

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I think that's the problem. We disdain the bumper sticker "God is my co-pilot" mentality, but embrace "Jesus is my quarterback"? I don't buy it. Pun intended.

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Christians. We are worthy of that honor precisely because of Jesus.

Yes we are Christians, but we are not Christ.

Some enterprising non believer put two and two together and has a business idea

I didn't know it was non-believers who thought up this idea. If you know the names of those people and their spiritual state, please share that information.

that offends you

No, it did not offend me. It couldn't have offended me, because it isn't about me. I believe it offends the name of our Lord. Please, do not say something about me that is not true.

the world recognizes Jesus in Tim Tebow

The world needs to recognize Jesus as He is in the Bible.

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I am quite sure the one who thought of this was using it in a way to make a Jesus out of Tim. I am sure Tim does not approve of this. He is a
wonderful representative of our Holy Redeemer. I am sure Satan desires to have him, that he may sift him as wheat. Whether one is a football
fan or not, this has become much bigger than the game. It not only represents who our Holy Lord is, but us believers as well.

I am sure Tim does not approve of jersey's with his number and "Jesus" name on the back. Bearing His name does not mean we are Jesus.

Isa. 42:8 says, "I am the LORD: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images."

Remember, Satan had the desire in his heart to be like God. We never allow or put ourselves to be compared to or likened to Him. Paul even said to
follow him, as he did Christ. He never said he was Jesus. He did say he had not yet attained. Holy Scripture says "we shall be changed". That day
is yet to come.

Bert Baker Ex. 15:2