Baptist Leader: Don't Blame Islam for Ft. Hood Shootings

So says Bruce Prescott of Mainstream Oklahoma Baptists -ABP

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It's a mess, no doubt about that. I studied Islam for a while a few years back for a little seminar I put on in our village. There is an immense body of information to absorb before one can really know what he's talking about, and I felt I could only skim the surface. I got the impression, though, that the Koran (or Qur'an if you prefer) can be quoted from selectively to preach "Islam is a religion of peace" or to advocate violence, depending on what you really want to do. In my seminar I argued that the real problem is not any particular false religion but human nature itself which is always eager to find ways to justify evil... and Christianity has been abused in this way as well.
As for whether Islam is inherently better suited for this sort of abuse than any other religion? I really can't say, even after all that reading.
One thing I found encouraging during that experience was when I interviewed the mosque president in a nearby city. What was evident there was that Islam is liberalizing in many places, especially America. Encouraging, since the liberalized versions of just about any religion are pretty big on non-violence.

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I'll blame human nature.

But I will say this: Islam historically is one of the most oft-claimed "faiths" of some of the most violent behavior I've ever seen. It also wouldn't surprise me to learn that so-called "Islamic radicals" the world over cheered when news of the Fort Hood shootings aired. Me? I wasn't surprised to hear of yet another Muslim being responsible for the deaths of so many...had I lived in the 15 to 1600's, I wouldn't have been surprised to hear of yet another "purging" at the hands of the Inquisitors, either.

Gang, there are far too many sins committed in the name of God, IMO. (and His name ISN'T Allah, and He DOES have a Son )

As for Mr. Prescott, he strikes me as being highly ecumenical in his outlook. But what's even more alarming is his tendency to swallow hook, line and sinker this belief that Islam is "peaceful", when it's history, not to mention its beginnings, are so filled with violence. We here in America are quite well-sheltered from the real picture... IMO, Bryan Fisher is DEAD-ON in his evaluation of Islam and its "prophet".

From what I've studied and seen first-hand regarding Islam, bloodshed in the name of Allah is the order of the day for those who take their book seriously; It has been for over 1400 years. Contrast that with those who take the *Bible* seriously, at face value....I mean REALLY seriously.

I personally wouldn't trust a Muslim, Hindu or anyone else outside the Body of Christ with my earthly life.

Sound harsh, do I? I suppose I am in a way...but then I've observed much about human nature and its desperate need to be changed by Almighty God. Nothing will convince me that Islam as a whole is peaceful, just like nothing will absolve the Catholic church of its responsibility in the deaths of millions over the centuries...during the Crusades, during the Protestant Reformation and beyond...and nothing will convince me that mankind as a whole isn't better than some fly-infested pile get the picture.

The near-term solution? Christ coming again.

Even so Lord, come quickly.


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