Falwell sues Liberty, saying school damaged his reputation

" Jerry Falwell Jr. has sued Liberty University, alleging the school founded by his late pastor father damaged his reputation in a series of public statements that followed his resignation as president and chancellor in August amid a series of scandals." - BPNews

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I speak as a Liberty alumnus. Please stop embarrassing yourself. You brought this on yourself with your actions. Its tough I know. But you did this. Take the responsibility for your actions.



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Seems to me the damage to his reputation isn't because of what the school has done, but what he did.

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It is possible that something that came out of Liberty with regards to Falwell would add to what we know about him, I guess, but really, how do you materially add to "I dropped a few million bucks on a morally suspect and money-losing business and put my wife's lover in charge of it."?

I am wondering if the real goal here for the Falwells might be to throw off the eagerness with which Liberty looks through their financials.  There are a few deals, starting with the one health club off campus, that could be very interesting to "more significant entities than the EFCA" if there was more than "dingbatism" going on.

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