P14GM / Northland Welcome Friends Luncheon

On behalf of the P14GM Board of Directors, Directors at Northland, and staff members, we warmly invite you to join us for a Welcome Friends Luncheon -- a time of vision and celebration as we gather together to rejoice in what the Lord has done to continue the Northland Ministries.

Please join us as we will hear from special speakers including Dr. Les Ollila, Pastor Kurt Skelly, and Mr. Ken McCoy, listen to testimonies, have lunch together, and enjoy fellowship with friends and supporters of Northland. Campus tours and a Q&A session will also be held toward the end of the event.

Where? Northland Camp & Conference Center

When? Tuesday, November, 10, 9:00am-2:00pm

RSVP: Email us at info@p14gm.org to let us know you're coming. Accommodations are also available for those who live far away. Please RSVP no later than Thursday, November 5.

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I had a great time at the Northland Welcome Friends Luncheon. Unfortunately I have a good bit of editing to get to (can't quit my day job), so I can't say much now. Here's the gist: I think there were maybe fifty to sixty folks there (I've been corrected; it was more like 100). I thought it was a very encouraging time. Several folks from P14GM, Dr. Ollila, and Jeff Kahl discussed the philosophy going forward and how P14GM acquired Northland's property. Several alumni gave testiomonies (some with tears) of how God used the college and camp in their lives. There was a video presentation with Papa Patz's voice over while video of the campus played in the background. The food was excellent. The three hymns we sang simply filled the place with voices. It was heart stirring. Lots of amens throughout the talks. As far as information, the debt on the place is paid for, but more operational funds are needed. The summer camp schedules for 2016 are posted at http://www.northlandcamp.org/ They did a Q&A session and welcomed any question, but there wasn't enough time for this, IMO. Jeff Kahl is working camp logistics for P14GM. They are using the KJV from the pulpit but are not condemning of those who prefer other versions. As stated before, the plan is to start with camp and hopefully begin a Bible institute down the road as God leads. They are hoping for 2,500 campers next summer. Everything was encouraging and upbeat.

A good number of volunteers are helping in various ways at this time; there are few paid folks. Later, I strolled around campus with my camera and took some shots of the inside and outside of various buildings (including where I used to work). It's creepy and a bit sad to see classrooms filled with chairs with no souls. I thought that if the bell rang, I'd see a mob of students rushing in to get a seat, but there was no bell. God can do whatever He wishes with this place. Let's pray for Him to lead as He wills