What Happened in 2015?

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Who is actually affirming same sex mirage, besides World Vision?  The obvious thing that happened in 2015 was, of course, the Supreme Court decision that took the matter out of the hands of the states (in a cheap shot by President Obama, the DOJ/ AG didn't even defend the laws, something noted by Scalia with appropriate acid in his comments "why are we here?") in Obergefell v. Hodges.  So one would have to wonder if whatever evangelical organizations acquiesced in this simply defer too much to federal law instead of going to Scripture.

In which case, protestations aside, they're deviating from evangelical/fundamental faith in that regard.  OK, haven't we known for well over a century the tendency of nominal Christians to deviate from Scripture when it gets uncomfortable?  That is, after all, precisely why there is such a thing as a "fundamentalist" or "evangelical" vs. the mainline churches in the first place.

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