Should We Abolish All Prisons?

"Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez successfully grabbed another headline last week by tweeting that Americans should have a 'real conversation' about abolishing prisons. Though she did later walk back this bone-toss to her far-left supporters, the prison abolition movement isn’t as niche as you’d think." - Breakpoint

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Ocasio-Cortez apparently has forgotten, or never learned, that when she was born, her home of New York City recorded over 2000 murders each year--2245 in 1990, when she was one.  Now, thanks to the "benighted" policy of putting murderers and other criminals in jail, Gotham has only about 300 murders per year.  Moreover, in the same time, the nationwide murder rate has approximatly halved.  I'm sure there are some tweaks we can make regarding criminal justice, but AOC ought to be asked a very basic question:  Do you want to get me killed?

Really, socialists have been trying to perfect human character for over a century now with dismal results, including all of the worst genocides known to history.  One would think they would catch a hint.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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We could abolish most prisons if we went back to public corporal punishment and stocks and such. 

But since that probably won't be palatable to many of our prudish and delicate moderns, looks like we're stuck with the prisons.

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Crazy talk from far left.  In contrast, here are some good ideas on how to reform the criminal justice system based on a Christian worldview from Dr. Anthony Bradley, backed up with some current research (including a push back against the notion that the primary problem with the criminal justice system is racism. He acknowledges that racism is part of the problem, but not the main problem.  His new book, Ending Overcriminalization and Mass Incarceration, is one of his best.  Here is a review about it and an interview with Tex Metaxas as well.