China Now Arresting Families for Praying at Home

"Many believe that this is a move by the Chinese government to show the state and the world just how serious it is about its new rules regarding regulating religion in order to enhance national security, dismantling and preventing extremism, and curbing the practice of faith by organizations which are not approved by the state." WRNews

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It's worth noting that Communist regimes dating back to 1917 have made it a crime for parents to teach religion to their children--the question is not whether the statutes were on the books, but rather whether they were enforced.  Beijing is simply reading the writing on the wall that official atheism's days are numbered if house churches continue to thrive--and when official atheism's days are numbered, so are the days of Communist Party dominance of the political process.

So this may be, in reality, a swan song by the hammer and sickle, and good riddance!

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