High Court upholds Tenn. pro-life constitution change

"The U.S. Supreme Court rejected a challenge to Tennessee's Amendment 1 Monday (Oct. 1) by refusing to review a decision upholding the pro-life measure." - BPNews

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Note that the challenge was based on the notion that if someone didn't vote for governor on the ballot, their vote for Amendment 1 was invalid.  Interesting way of counting ballots, to say the least, and one has to wonder how many permutations of the ballot information they tried before they found that one.  

Note also how minor the changes were; it removed the notion of a state right to abortion from state law/constitution, as well as a mandate for funding for it.  Keep in mind here that the legislature is still absolutely free to pass laws protecting abortion and fund it; it's simply not in the state Constitution anymore.

Which is a long way of saying that Russell Moore is right that the pro-infanticide lobby is going to fight any restriction on abortion and its state funding.  We need to challenge them on the latter especially--"by what moral logic do you think it's appropriate to tax your pro-life neighbors to fund abortuaries?"  Quite frankly, we need to do this as well for a lot of other issues.  

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