Church of England to Install Luxury 'Pods' in Old Churches for Vacationers

"Several Anglican churches in England are preparing to install luxury 'pods' for vacationers within their buildings to defray renovation expenses, bringing together glamorous camping  — 'glamping' — in old churches, which is being called 'champing.'" CPost

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St. Michael's in Dulas is currently listed as "unsafe to use" due to decades of neglect.  One might suspect that those who "clamp" there might discover prayer as they hear old timbers creaking in the wind, sometimes falling in.  

It's also quite near a town--about a mile--and is right across the street from a residence that would be a darling B&B if the owners were so minded.  Count me uneasy about this, especially as the church consists really of a main hall and vestibule--you can't put pods in there without totally disrupting things architecturally.  Maybe a good place for a Baptist church plant?

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