Newspaper challenges Jay Sekulow on ACLJ payments ]"An investigative report by the Nashville Tennessean said two charities led by Sekulow—including ACLJ—have paid "more than $33 million to members of Sekulow's family and businesses they own or co-own" since 1998."

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When men run ministries that are constantly seeking the donations of God's people, I believe it is proper to question some things when it is discovered that these ministry leaders are enjoying lives of wealth that often surpass most of their constituents and donors. I think Gospel ministry would be more effective in some cases if some ministry leaders would let go of some of their luxury posessions for the sake of the Gospel.

I don't believe that we need to begrudge anyone who has been blessed of God but we do need to hold men accountable for greed. Paul repeatedly warned about people who minister with greed in their hearts.

The American people are wary people in government and religion who have used the funds of taxpayers and donors to build wealth beyond most people's imaginations.

When people ask for money, ask basic questions. If those asking for money are unwilling to be honest and clear, don't give. When an orginzation this large is unwiling to submit to a ministry of financial accountabillity, that should speak volumes.

Just this weekend, someone was telling me about some well-to-do preachers who will not come to a church unless that get a pretty significant up-front fee. He asked me why this take place. I told him that it takes places because Pastors pay the fee and parishoners put up with it.

The Lord is not for sale. The sooner we grasp this, the better off we will be.