"If you are a tither, become a double-tither. If you are not a tither, become a tither. This ministry has earned your trust. This ministry has earned your help."

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Name it and claim it! Dosen't always work I guess.

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  • I have some experience in the realm of finance. I have a degree in finance. And I have served as both a church treasurer and the treasurer of a state association of churches
  • I have some fairly strong views about church stewardship: http://coldfusion-guy.blogspot.com/2010/10/on-stewardship-of-church-fina... here
  • It is incumbent upon a church member to:
    • Endeavor to understand something about his church's finances. Ask. Probe. Read the statements, etc
    • Participate in the budget approval process. Including voting
    • And to support that budget with faithful, consistent, proportional, generous, grace giving!

With regard to Robert Schuller's plea .. pathetic begging!