Online dating doesn't correct the well-documented imbalance of devout Christian women (abundant supply) to like-hearted men (a paucity), but it at least widens the net for Christians seeking partners.

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I personally am thankful for on-line dating sites, because that is how I met my wife. We would never have met otherwise, since we were living in different states at the time we met. We have been married now for three and a half wonderful years. I realize it is probably not for everyone, and I would not recommend it for anyone under about 25 or so, but I have no doubt the Lord used the site to bring us together. You have to be discerning and wise (isn't that true no matter how you meet your spouse?) and you do have to be on your guard for predators or scam artists. But we both felt that meeting on-line and getting to know each other that way was more effective and safer than going on dates with a new person at church or with someone you happened to meet somewhere.

No wisdom, no understanding, and no counsel will prevail against the LORD. Proverbs 21:30