'Killing Jesus': "This is best available evidence according to Bill"

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He says that the words "Father, forgive them..." were never  said by Jesus on the cross because Jesus was suffocating and could not even speak at that moment.  So now Bill contradicts what the Bible has claimed for centuries.  Yes sir, that's solid history...according to Bill.  I guess nothing else he said on the cross is valid either for the same reason.  O'Reilly, as always, is "full of it!"

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Though I haven't read Killing Jesus and probably won't, I was rather taken aback by his previous Killing Lincoln. In Killing Lincoln Bill was not interested in history but with telling the story. Several times he projected future events onto the narrative, which is inexcusable for an "historian."  He may have taught high school history (I thought I heard him say he taught English, which makes more sense for a budding "journalist"), but his desire to tell a story instead of presenting history does not bode well for the retelling of the Crucifixion. 

I predict O'Reilly's next book in the series is "Killing Ferdinand," in order to coincide with the hundredth anniversary of World War I.

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as with anything from Mr. O'Reilly, the title should be "Killing Time". 


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He says he was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write the book. I suspect he is just following the subject matter of the successful books by Jim Bishop.

The Day Lincoln was Shot

The Day Kennedy was Shot

The Day Christ Died

After the first two, I had an inkling he would go for Jesus.  A good opportunity to talk about the Lord, however poor his research and conclusions.