For the Christian church, there is no higher, earthly level of accountability than the ECFA

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Just to be sure I am properly understand, I hereby issue the following disclaimers Biggrin :

  1. I am not overly proud of my kids, and especially of my beautiful and talented daughters.
  2. The fact that my daughter Heidi's picture is found on the EFCA website at does not indicate my endorsement or support of the previously mentioned organization, etc., etc., etc.

Seriously, though, both of my daughters sell pictures on The picture of Heidi on the EFCA website was purchased from iStockphoto. If you are interested in great pictures of Africa, do a search for "Liberia." Heidi sells under the name "MShep2" (my account because she up until last week was a minor) and Melodie sells under the name "MissHibiscus."

Luke 17:10