C.J. Mahaney reinstated at Sovereign Grace

“I deeply regret where my mistakes, leadership deficiencies, and sins contributed to the relational conflicts detailed in these reports. And I am truly grateful for your support throughout this trying time.” Worldmag.com

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Things are certinly not all well in the SGM world. I, for one, am looking forward to the Ambassadors of Reconciliation report on brother Mahaney and SGM. An independent voice is very much needed there right now. Hopefully, the SGM board will release the AOR report in its entirety. In my mind, reinstatement before the AOR report was unwise.

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What I find worthy of a more broad consideration is that in every area of life, where leadership concedes that it is guilty of compromises which need both the removal of an officer and his or her rehabilitation, in such instances it is a rare, rare, rare exception that they are placed back into the same position in which they failed.

Even in denominational Christianity, when a Pastor is removed for some real or perceived failure, after remedial treatment it is highly unlikely they would be assigned to this same group. But people will make their choices and I believe it is quite clear to anyone who wishes to see that CJ Mahaney is not theological or personally fit to re-enter where he left. A place in ministry, maybe but where from where he left and to return, no.