Missionaries, Churches Facing Challenges in Wake of Haitian Earthquake

Baptist Bulletin:  ”Baptist Ministries Affected by Haitian Earthquake”

Baptist Mid-Missions: “Missionaries Presumed Safe After Haiti Earthquake”

I contacted Baptist World Mission, and they have one couple in Haiti, the Fitzsimmons, who are outside the capitol region and are safe.

More as the story develops.


Frank Garlock in Haiti- http://www.majestymusic.com/

Sarah Bennett of http://www.missionforhaiti.org/ has not been heard from since the earthquake

Bibles International- Disaster of Apocalyptic Proportion

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****Dr. Frank Garlock went to Jacmel, Haiti last week to preach for the Missions for Haiti school and church. We have not had any communication from him or the missionaries since the earthquake occurred. Please pray with us that he is unharmed and that he can be a tremendous help and testimony to the Hatian people at this time. God is good and we trust Him.****

Source: http://www.majestymusic.com/

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Many of you might be familiar with Hantz Bernard of Bibles International, who is a native Haitian. They have a post up http://www.biblesint.org/biweb/latest-news-leftnav-164/183-haitian-disas... here :

Disaster of Apocalyptic Proportion

About one-third of the population of Haiti lives in and around Port-au-Prince, Haiti, the area that has been most affected by the earthquake of January 12. After the initial 7.0 quake that hit around 4:53 p.m., nearly 30 seismic activities ranging from 4.0 to 5.9 on the Richter scale occurred until the early hours of January 13.

The service network has been severely touched to the point that it is nearly non-functional: state secretaries, most of the hospitals and their personnel, electricity, communication, etc. The news network in the countries that are closest to Haiti (the United States, Canada, and France) have scrambled for news, at times calling Haitian radios in the U.S. and Canada to gather whatever bits of news they have received.

Bibles International has great interest in Haiti. Our Director is of Haitian origin. Baptist Mid-Missions (BMM), our parent organization, has planted many churches and established various church support ministries in Haiti, and those churches and ministries maintain a vital relationship with BMM. Additionally, BI is conducting the Creole Bible translation project with its ministerial partners in Haiti. Therefore, we have used all the outlets possible in different countries and from leaders of charitable organizations operating in Haiti to gather as much information as we can, but we cannot independently confirm all the details.

As of the morning of January 13, we have had no direct news from our friends in Haiti. We have learned, however, that the main classroom building of a major seminary in Port-au-Prince has been heavily damaged while classes were in session. That seminary has been tightly involved with BI in our translation project in Haiti. Streets where members of our affiliated churches live or work have been heavily touched as well.

We covet your prayers. A crisis management team at the BMM office in Cleveland is monitoring the situation. They can be contacted at www.bmm.org or 440-826-3930.

Greg Linscott
Marshall, MN

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Appreciate all the links, guys. We'll be praying here.

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I just received a note from Hantz...he is trying to get to Haiti. Of course, he has family there, as well as ministry partners in churches as well as in association with the current OT Creole translation that is in the works. He asks prayer that God will provide a way for him to get there.

"I pray to God this day to make me an extraordinary Christian." --Whitefield http://strengthfortoday.wordpress.com

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Thank you, our many praying friends for your love, concern, and prayers for Dr. Garlock. He left last Wednesday, January 6, to preach at the invitation of Mission for Haiti at the Hosanna Baptist Church and Bible Seminary. Dr. Garlock and Missionary Sara Bennet, who is the mission head, have not been heard from since the January 12 earthquake. We have made contact with several ministries in the city of Jacmel who have promised to look for them. Please pray with us for God’s protection and perfect will to be accomplished.

Source: http://www.majestymusic.com/ on 1/14

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This was forwarded to us from Jon Gleason:

Dear Friends,

You probably have heard of the powerful earthquake that hit Haiti yesterday evening. My family (Barbara, Kendall and Kourtney) is safe.
The damage done is beyond description, it is just horrific. No one can be sure yet to the exact number of victims but the estimate from some of the international organizations working in the country is in the hundreds of thousands of people dead.

As for the seminary campus, many students, staff, faculty, and I were in the main academic building when major parts of it collapsed. Miraculously a lot of us were able to get out, those who were trapped in the building were rescued except for two that are not accounted for. The damage done to the building is beyond repair. We have a lot of dead and injured people very close by in the neighborhood around the campus area. As I went home last night to check on my family, the lost was so great in the areas that I stopped counting bodies.

We are as well as most Haitians are sleeping outside because of the severe aftershocks that continue and the cracks done to some of the homes. Please pray for us, as we find out what to do and how to go forward.

The Internet connection is not working properly and the phone lines are down, but as I find more information I will communicate them to you all.

Rev. Jean Dorlus,

president of STEP

"I pray to God this day to make me an extraordinary Christian." --Whitefield http://strengthfortoday.wordpress.com