The weirdest thing a church spent money on ...

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Was the guy who noted they bought vodka to get rid of the musty smell in the basement carpet.  Yeah, that's what they all say....  :^)

(side note: alcohol detox people note that they watch out for vodka and some other distilled spirits like creme de menthe, since that can't be detected easily on the drinker's breath)

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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This isn't "weird," but it's more tragic. Years ago, I put on a teen apologetics conference. I had an apologetics guy come down from MBU, and it went ok. It was a KJVO church, and our network was full of KJVO churches. Apologetics wasn't common in these circles, and we didn't have the best turnout. But, those who came seemed to find it really interesting.

I bought 100 copies of The Case for Christ to give away. The pastor agreed to it, despite some reservations that "a neo-evangelical" had written the book. When the books came, he saw that Strobel (at the time) was associated with Willow Creek. Because he feared backlash from other KJVO pastors because of secondary separation, he told me to return all the books. I wasn't able to give away anything to those teens. I still feel bad about that. I'm glad I left that world far behind me.

Tyler is a pastor in Olympia, WA and works in State government.