Evangelicals Help Greet Pope Francis at the White House

"Leith Anderson and Galen Carey from the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE). Gabriel Salguero of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition. David Anderson, pastor of Bridgeway Community Church. Lisa Sharon Harper fromSojourners. Joel Hunter of Northland Church." CT

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It's just incredible the mush that fills people's heads when it comes to Catholicism.  Most all the heresy that has crept into the Christian faith since the early centuries has come via the Roman Catholic Church and its Popes.  Today, we have Popes that utter a few evangelical-sounding phrases, and many people get all excited.  Look behind the pomp, the ceremony, the graphics, the ornateness, and what do you find?  The same heresies that are even yet supported by the sixteenth century Council of Trent.  If the RCC wants to be accepted as "evangelical," it can start by taking off all those ridiculous costumes, dispense with all that pagan ceremony, take Jesus off a crucifix and present Him as the living Christ.  They can quit idolizing the "Eucharist," stop re-crucifying the Savior in the Mass, get rid of the idolatry that permeates its worship, remove all trust in sacraments to gain salvation, stop pronouncing salvation by way of baptism, remove from its nomenclature all idolatrous titles of the Pope, etc., etc.  The RCC represents the greatest perversion of the Christian faith and the greatest example of Satanic deceit one could imagine.  What is needed is a return to the simple faith of Christ, the Apostles, and the Early Church, and a genuine subscription of the Scriptures as the sole authority of the Christian faith, and a recognition of the priesthood of all true believers.  Some losses are not recoverable, and I fear that a return from the religious perversion known as Roman Catholicism may be just such a loss.  

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There is One Holy Father. There is One Vicar of Christ. There is One Head of the Church. And He doesn't ride in a Fiat.

"Some things are of that nature as to make one's fancy chuckle, while his heart doth ache." John Bunyan