The Reason Why America Burned Spurgeon’s Sermons and Sought to Kill Him

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those seeking his destruction were anti-abolitionists in the South.

Hoping to shed more light than heat..

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Rob--that's pretty much what the article says, no?  I'm confused.

Suffice it to say that I admire Spurgeon even more now than I did two minutes ago, and that's saying something.  And on the light side, I wonder whether he would have agreed with some of the invective with a smile.  Certainly as a 5 point Calvinist, he would have agreed that he was worthy of Hell, and I would guess as well that he might have smiled at the suggestion he ate beef and had something of a substantial manner about him.

On a more serious note, I would point out that this invective poured at Pastor Spurgeon is a great example of how the use of the ad hominem fallacy is a great way to find out that someone is either unable or unwilling to make a real argument.  It's all the more telling when I consider that he did not preach in what we'd call a classic exegetical style, and hence he lends himself more to attack on an actual rhetorical front.

It's also a great example of how our politics may not be that much worse than we've had before.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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Yes, the article is clear on the geographic locus of the bad blood.  However, the title paints Maine with the same brush as Louisiana.

Bert Perry wrote:

Rob--that's pretty much what the article says, no?  I'm confused. SNIP

Hoping to shed more light than heat..

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Yeah. Great article, but the title is pretty much clickbait. More and more common to craft titles like this, though