Evangelicals Who Distrust Muslims Likely Don’t Know Muslims

"A 2019 survey shows how relationships curb Islamophobia and improve understanding between the two faiths." - Christianity Today

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I would say that those who trust Islam don't know Islam. It is true that contact with Muslims dispels myths about Muslims. Muslims, like any other religious followers are not monolithic. There are moderates, Muslims in name only, and extremists. Islam as a religion, however, with its agenda should be a concern. It's not a phobia. It's a fact. 

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Some of the confusion results in an ignorance of the difference between Sunni and Shia Muslims. The minority group, and usually the one most associated with violence consider their Imams as inspired authority. I had the chance to see a Sunni and Shia debate each other and it was tense.

"Some things are of that nature as to make one's fancy chuckle, while his heart doth ache." John Bunyan

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I have a problem with the headline.  Since when does "distrust" = "phobia"?  

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"White evangelicals want religious law more than Muslims.

ISPU asked respondents if their religion should be the main source, a source, or not a source of US law. Despite some Americans’ fears over Shari’ah law, half of US Muslims (51%) said not at all. Nearly three-quarters (71%) of Jews said likewise, and two-thirds of Catholics. Fewer than half of Protestants (42%) and white evangelicals (27%) said the same.

Most white evangelicals (54%), said wanted their religion to be a source of US law. Protestants agreed at 39 percent, Catholics at 28 percent, and Jews at 19 percent. One-third of Muslims also wished their religion to be included.

But white evangelicals and Protestants reported 17 percent agreement that their religion should be the main source of US law. Muslims ranked second at 12 percent. Jews agreed at 8 percent; Catholics, 5 percent."

I also find these stats quite ironic, because I've participated in many debates, including a few here on Sharper Iron, where conservative Christians fearfully assume the majority of Muslims in America support instituting Sharia law in America, when its their fellow conservative Christians that are more likely to want their type of Christianity as a source or main source of US law.