Netflix Does Not Care About Your Sanctification

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I'm training my family to first review a movie on IMDB and Focus on the Family before watching.  Look at the plot, look at the objectionable elements, look at the reviews, and save a bunch of time on movies where the producer should have been arrested for malpractice.

The one place that I might have trouble doing this would be if (a) I had a Netflix subscription and (b) decided to watch their first run stuff that wasn't yet reviewed.  But will it kill me to wait a week while the gluttons for punishment reviewers and critics have their say?  :^)


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I agree, we should exercise discernment no matter how we watch movies. As you hit on, though, the immediate gratification of streaming sites is tempting. If I'm going to go to the movie theater, I have to plan anyway. Folding ways to be wise and discerning into it doesn't really alter anything. However, if I'm lying on my couch, scrolling through Netflix or Amazon Prime, taking steps to help me in my pursuit of holiness is an impediment to the immediate gratification that streaming sites traffic in. I think it takes extra-intentionality when using streaming sites.   

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Seems that "patience" and "self-control" are among the fruit of the Spirit, no?