Pope Francis condemns climate change sceptics

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Might be thinking of Jer. 10:14.

As for what he thinks about climate change . . .  He might not be literally the last person I'd seek for insight on that, but pretty close. 

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Given the Catholic Church's reputation for teaching the skills of logic and rhetoric, I would have hoped that the Pope would have seen through a lot of the genetic fallacies that form the core of the public presentation of the current consensus in climatology.  I would also have hoped that he'd have noted the many examples of egregious misconduct in the science--badly taken data, ignoring good data in favor of flawed, ignoring discrepancies between models and measurements, preventing skeptical scientists from accessing the data, etc..--and admitted "all of this casts doubt on their conclusions."

But, sadly, it appears that politics is speaking more loudly than science here, and sadly, with Aaron, I'm not terribly surprised.

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"'If we don't go back we will go down,' he warned reporters on Monday."

Sounds like Al Gore's warnings from almost 20 years ago--warnings that have failed to materialize. According to Gore we should have pretty well been toast by now.