Why the Apostles Rarely Mention the Kingdom

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As an avid fan of Systematic Theology, these words still resonated with me:

Biblical theology is more needed than ever.

Systematic theology can be atomistic and subjective by treating only the themes that the theologian cares about, and by divorcing atemporal truths from redemptive history.

Biblical theology ensures that we read the entire Bible together without separating corpora from each other.

Something I've tried to balance in my study of Systematic Theology is incorporating its various disciplines into the Redemptive History story of scripture. What I've found to this approach is an actual strengthening of my systematic theological biases as I truly believe they best account for balancing the entirety of what the Bible teaches. Still, this effort is not without its challenges and I agree that Biblical Theology is essential in our day and age.

Phil Golden

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Of course there's always the possibility that the apostles didn't focus on the kingdom because it hasn't come yet. I didn't see that included in the author's list.