Why Unhealthy People Crave Controversy

“But Scripture speaks repeatedly about those who have what the apostle Paul calls ‘an unhealthy craving for controversy’ (1 Tim. 6:4).” - Russell Moore


Opposing the slide America is on right now into Marxism, socialism, and race-baiting is not mere tribalism. Its trying to save the country from the brink of transforming into something different from what the founding vision was.

…persuading most compulsive arguers that they just like to argue/controversy! Everybody’s got a “higher cause”, it seems, and it’s worth noting that many people assume, especially online, that when someone disengages from a debate, the silence on that side is somehow equivalent to conceding the point. It is, to a degree, a very postmodern way of thinking.

That said, in my own life, I’ve found the whole COVID experience very valuable as I’ve started to see more than ever before the notion “you can argue this until you turn blue in the face, but you are not going to persuade these people—this kind only comes out via prayer and fasting.” Hence I am blessed more and more to limit my engagement, to the point that a friend (online and long term IRL) contacted me to ask where I’d gone.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.