National Dog Day 2021: Meet Petey the Beagle, associate pastor and greeter (not a parody)

"It seems a little strange, but (pet ministry) is mission, it's evangelism, it's education, it's hunger relief, it's pastoral care. All those things are part of the church." - RNS

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This is something that would occur in Seattle. There was a church that had a Sunday service for "Blessing of the animals." Naturally I assumed it was a euphemism for infant baptism. 

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....that perhaps some dogs do indeed have superior preaching skills to some pastors.... j/k

Seriously, while I appreciate Proverbs 12:10 and the gifts of God's creatures, and of course the gallant ministry of Balaam's ass, I dare suggest calling a beagle a "pastor" probably stretches the reality.  It does not surprise me to see it in my boyhood denomination, the United Methodists.

To be fair to the UMC, however, at least they chose a dog to be their assistant pastor.  Another article linked from the one linked here suggests that atheists prefer cats.  

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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We've been very actively discipling the pup we acquired a year ago. She still has bad habits, but we've really seen a lot of growth... and she has a real passion for small groups and in-person interaction, which we take to be an affirmation of faith. Encouraging signs!

Our cat remains committed to agnosticism though. So Bert may have a point about that.

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