Liberty University Film Students Blast 'Trump Prophecy' Movie: 'Will Discredit Our Film Program'

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What if you heard a Voice, different from your thinking voice, a Powerful Voice talking to you in the second person inside your head? Giving you details you’d never imagined about one of the most important events in the world? Would you listen? More importantly, if you’re a Christian, and live your life in accordance with your understanding of His will and purpose, what would it take to convince you that God had spoken to you?

Mark Taylor, a recently retired fireman; had this experience. Around 2 a.m. on the night of April 28, 2011, and unable to sleep he was channel surfing when he clicked on C-Span. The man on the screen was Donald Trump, and Mark had the premonition that he heard God say “You are hearing the voice of the next President.” Little did Mark know several dozen video recordings of others documented that they also got the same message and were equally convinced it came from God.

THE TRUMP PROPHECY is an inspirational message of Hope, highlighting the vast beauty and greatness of The United States, its electoral process and concludes by asking a panel of world leaders to respond to a few questions like: What does it mean to “make America great again?” How does a healthy American economy affect world economics? What does the current US administration mean to the middle east and specifically Israel? How does a strong US military affect the world climate for peace?


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What a pathetic joke Liberty University has become. I was scared to comment on this stupidity because I was sure it had to be satire. But it is really happening. 

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I had 1 family leave our church because I objected to this "prophecy". This family had other theological problems as well. Why anyone would send their children to Liberty University is baffling.

Wally Morris

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Huntington, IN

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Eldridge is an active member of the following boards: Officer of the board of trustees for Brevard College in Brevard, NC, Advisor board for the communications major at Queens University in Charlotte, NC, Advisor board for the film graduate program at Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA, Founding board member of Compass Film Academy in Grand Rapids, MI, Member of the board of directors for HEARTLAND Film Festival in Indianapolis, IN, Member of the board of directors for Media Fellowship International in Los Angeles, CA, Member of the counsel of elders for Forrest Hill Church in Charlotte, NC. 

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From the first link you provided:

 A joint effort of the Liberty University School of Cinematic Arts and filmmaker Rick Eldridge, The Trump Prophecy was shot in the Lynchburg area with much of the cast and crew comprised of LU students

This seems like a pretty loose link. Did LU fund it? Students are pretty independent ... 

Film looks both stupid and heretical !!

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So it looks like Liberty provided cheap student labor, faculty assistance on the production and direction team, and lent its brand as part of the marketing effort.

I would agree that this looks like a horrible film from a theological perspective...but then again, so are 90% of the "Christian" movies.

On a lighter note... I see this film as being REQUIRED viewing at Robert Jeffress' church.

John B. Lee

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Christian filmmakers made a film that shows them to be theologically deficient, cinema-barbarizing goofballs?  Tell me it ain't so, Joe!  

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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Not all marketing is direct pay for placement or access.

Liberty personnel have conducted press interviews for this film (Notably at the Christian Post).  Allowing oneself to be profiled in news media and social media is most certainly a form of marketing.  I am not aware of any public stance Liberty has taken in distancing itself from this creative endeavor. 

Also indirectly, the director of the film is the executive director of Liberty's Cinematic Arts program.  The lead actor is played by Chris Nelson, who is a professor in its theater department.  Both are featured on the film's promotional material.


John B. Lee

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When I first saw this headline at SI, I thought it was from the Babylon Bee!

Besides all the political entanglements, do not most personnel at Liberty reject the idea of authoritative revelation in addition to the Bible?

Many solid Christians, for example, rejected the movie "Heaven is for Real," not because we do not believe heaven is for real, but because we do not place our faith in near death experiences.  Sounds like this is the same issue in principle.




"The Midrash Detective"

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I prophesy that ...

  • This film will be a worldwide blockbuster
  • Trump's base will be mobilized for the midterms
  • Even his "enemies" will vote GOP
  • Trump will usher in a new age of dedication to Christ
  • Oscar night will reward the actors and filmmakers


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Per Ed's comment, I believe there is a small continuationist/charismatic faction in the SBC, so it's not entirely impossible that some of them would be represented here.  That noted, it could perhaps be more likely that the filmmakers don't quite understand the significance of what the film claims.  

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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And this year's Harold Camping Award goes to Jim Peet!


"Some things are of that nature as to make one's fancy chuckle, while his heart doth ache." John Bunyan

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Bert said:

That noted, it could perhaps be more likely that the filmmakers don't quite understand the significance of what the film claims.  

More likely the filmmakers know which side of their bread is buttered.