The Duggars and the Evil Outside

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I wonder just how close Trevin Wax is to the Duggar family. Does he know for a fact that they were only concerned about the evil without? Or is he just assuming that to be true because he doesn't share their particular standards?

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No parents are perfect not even the DUGGARS. We all heard this story before repeatedly great parents bad child.  I don,t agree totally with their treatment plan for JOSH, but like any addiction be it drugs sex and gambling there is no set counseling that is a guarantied cure. To my knowledge faith based counseling does have a better track record of success for addictions than the worlds counseling.  I could stand to be corrected.  The only faith based treatment center I'm familiar with is America's Kesick .  I hope the Lord will work with JOSH to overcome his addictions I wish him no ill will.   I can understand how Jim Bob and Michele could be at their wits  end with JOSH, but I give them a lot of credit for not giving up on him.   

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How old is Josh? 27?

Why are his parents still speaking for him and his family?

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I think you are reading too much into that. Josh made his own announcement for the Ashley Madison revelation.

This recent one is likely just the parents speaking to fans of the show from their website. Josh is obviously in rehab working on that.

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Jim wrote:

It's the "Josh Duggar scandal" ... not the "Duggar family" scandal


The Duggar parents ARE responsible for subjecting their family to ATI curricula by Bill Gothard, which, if you look closely at the sex abuse material, is essentially sexual grooming material. Any material that blames the victim for the abuse is wrong. In Gothard's world, women are objects or possessions of men. It makes sense because he (Gothard), too, followed his own teaching materials when he sexually groomed approximately 30 women (who spoke publicly - who knows what the real number is).  He still has not reconciled with all the women. I spoke with him personally about this and he responded that they need to come to him first.  Meanwhile, he claims he "fell" because he wasn't meditating on the Lord both morning and night.  Now he is, so God speaks to him in his dreams and about his new ministry endeavors.  This was all part of the conversation I had with him.

It doesn't sound like this new treatment facility is equipped to handle sexual addictions. It sounds like 40+ hours of labor with extensive devotions. There are mental health professionals specifically trained to help people with sexual addictions. If his parents had sent him to an appropriate place when he was a teen, we may not be having this conversation now.  

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I reviewed America's Keswick website and their counseling program for alcoholic addiction is very similar to the one Josh is going through. It involves biblical counseling work meeting with Counslers etc.  it appears no medical people are involved. I don't know if they handle other types of addictions. They indicate they deal with addictions but don't spell it out.  This program has been around since 1897 so were talking about 118 years.  If they have been around that long the program must have a good record for success.