Why This Mom WIll NOT Support Josh Duggar

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with a bag of marijuana or meth, etc. Would you call the police and turn him over for possession of a illegal drug? It is thoroughly illegal, correct?

Or would you find help for him through counseling, etc, of your choice?

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Why does someone who is not related nor even an acquaintance of the subject feel like they have to declare their support or nonsupport of this television personality? Are we THAT consumed with these television shows and feel we have so much invested we have to weigh in? 

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Barry, it's all over social media and especially in Christian circles.

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....regarding Romans 13 is that only Roman citizens could initiate a trial (criminal or civil), and you had to pay an orator, too.  Plus, if the accused blabbed, he could end up getting the whole congregation fed to the lions at some points.  So I think we have to understand Romans 13 in light of how the mostly non-citizen church would have dealt with this--submit to punishment if need be, but it really represented what the state could do to you, for you, in their context.  I would have to guess that a church back then would find a citizen and hire an orator only when the consequences of not doing so were very, very serious.

And this case?  Well, given that we're not "Purina Lion Chow" at the moment, and the median molester attacks close to a dozen victims, I would suggest that the risk/reward ratio is right in this case to have brought the case to authorities.  It's interesting that the officer who "counseled" (?) Josh did nto suggest doing so--OK, given his subsequent arrest for child molestation, I have an idea why.  

Here's another question; why would the statute of limitations be only three years, as it appears to have been?  If it still is such, I would suggest that Arkansas has some soul-searching to do to figure out what is really appropriate.  Seems short to me.

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