Floyd shares goal of having 12,000 in attendance at 2020 SBC annual meeting

"It is important to make it a big deal," he said. "The more people coming to the convention means more people will hear our message.... Let's encourage and empower our people and say, 'let's do something big for the sake of the Gospel.'" - BPNews

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...Bigger is better and bigger empowers people?

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....bigger is better.  After all, does anyone have anything bad to say about Willow Creek, Harvest Bible Chapel, First Baptist of Hammond, or Lakewood Church?  :^)

Seriously, I think, to be fair, that what he's getting at is that he would really like southern Baptists to be invested in their denomination, and one way that's shown is by participation in the conference.  That noted, I think that the stats I saw indicated that SBC churches could actually send 5-10x that many people to the conference, which would overwhelm just about any venue I can think of, and quite frankly would tend to make conversations impossible.

That noted, I appreciate his call for more laymen and his confession that pastors can get isolated, physically and more, from the needs of the same.  I just don't know that that can be fixed at a convention.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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I'm probably overly skeptical. The news item emphasized "vision" and the gist of it seems to be let's have a bigger conference.

(make SBC great again?)

Is it just my "not a Floyd fan" bias? Might be.