Is My Job the Problem? Or Am I Just Discontented?

"So how can we discern the root of our discontentment? Is it one of the ways we image God as we cultivate his world? Sinful preoccupation with our own comfort and status? Frustration with brokenness and a desire to reknit the fabric of creation?" - TGC

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It pains me when I read or hear from Christian speakers or authors speak negatively about:

1.  The world says follow your dreams - to dream big

2.  The world says pursue your passion

3.  The world talks about the power of positivity

We often hear that is worldly thinking and not a Biblical way of thinking, which by itself is true.  But, then we rarely hear those same issues from a Biblical point of view and how that Biblical thinking should play out in day to day living.

It is as if they believe that your walk with the Lord is somehow separate from your occupation or the rest of your life.  As if you can compartmentalize the two and the one has little bearing on the other.

This way of thinking and teaching and variations of it is woefully inadequate and incomplete.  I believe it has done much harm.  This author comes close, but I wish she was more direct in connecting the two.

I submit that living your life including dreaming big, following your passions, & thinking Biblically (which is to think in a contented, non-anxious manner) while having those dreams & passions fully submitted and surrendered to the Lord IS reflective of our faith.  Ideally your life and Biblical thinking are one in the same.

Part of living out your walk in the Lord is to be the best employee you can be.  Your work is an act of worship.  Part of being a Godly leader IS dreaming big.  How can you be a Godly parent or someone that can influence others towards Christ while being a negative Nelly?  I submit a significant Biblical theme is upward and forward.

A person who chooses to be committed & submitted to the Lord will have His peace and contentment (as promised by the Lord) and as a by-product of that faith WILL then most often will life a life of positivity.  This, because he/she is in the faith that God is in control, that he/she is not to be anxious, & that the Lord works out all things to His will.  This is not positivity for positivity sake, but out of finding my identity fully in Christ.

I am not saying that if a Christian isn't pursuing a doctorate or isn't receiving the employee of the year award every year they are falling short.  Not at all.

But, I firmly believe that a fruit of our faith in the Lord IS being forward, upward, contented, & positive people.