A New Structure and Vision

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Maranatha continues to be the best place for Baptist ministers to receive undergraduate and graduate training!

Tyler is a pastor in Olympia, WA and works in State government.

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From the beginning of the article:  

In the first few months of his new administration, Dr. Marriott came to understand that the existing oversight structure of the college did not support his conception of the collaborative environment in which high-performing ministry organizations should operate. Preferring a streamlined and personal flow of information, he developed within that first year new venues for appropriate communication throughout the ministry.

Note carefully what is being said here; adopting a collaborative model means that the old top-down models are being abandoned, if I'm reading this correctly.  If they do this well, they might just get me to quote Tyler about them with a hearty "Maranatha ruleth".   I wish them well in this.

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With all his experience, Dr. Stevens knew full well this was a fool’s errand, but nonetheless, he went along with the request and thought, “Maybe God will do something.”

Actually, this is a pretty common negotiated item in the IT world.  God is always in control, no doubt.  But most large companies will negotiate this type of deal given a number of different circumstances.  In fact, nowadays it is getting more standard and you would be foolish to pay for two systems at the same time when transitioning to a new system.