S/I Member loses home to fire

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I lost my garden shed/sauna this spring to a fire--even when the firefighters can get there quickly, and even if they've got a fire hydrant, modern construction can burn down in a hurry.  One thing the firefighters told me was that the area I'd covered with sheetrock survived pretty well, but the area that was cedar paneling didn't do so well.  

Word to the wise; get a friend/church member to take a look at your home/church building/etc.. for possible fire hazards, or be one of the persnickety ones yourself.  Even when insurance pays well (mine did), it sure is a hassle getting things back together.  

(and if/when I choose to rebuild the sauna part, I think I'm going with a LOT of sheetrock, steel roofing, and the like....the stuff really does work well)

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Last night, the house of pastor Jamie Hart of Harvest Bible Chapel, Fort Wayne caught fire w/ total loss - Jamie, Courtney, Grant, Landen, & Maddy are safe. God's protection!
Benevolence account set up for family at: Harvest North Indy, 14550 RIVER RD., CARMEL, IN 46033 memo: "Hart Fund" Be in prayer.