Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers.

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Rupert Murdoch owns the distribution rights now to not only the NIV, but also the NKJV:

"Of particular interest to the Christian public is HarperCollins. They have long owned Zondervan, and also recently purchased Thomas Nelson.  That means the same company owns the distribution rights to both the New International Bible (NIV) and the New King James Version (NKJV), the Bible translations most commonly used by Evangelicals." -

Should that concern anyone who uses either version?


Here's a related article:




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.....are secular companies so eager to gain control of Christian publishers?  Is it simply an issue of good business (we have money; they'll sell us things), or is there something else at issue here?  Part of me wonders if Murdoch et all take a look at how awful a lot of CCM and Christian publishing is, and think "ya know, we can make a mint off customers this gullible!"

(and when I say that CCM is awful, keep in mind I grew up listening to heavy's not that I object to music with a heavy beat and electric guitars, but rather that all too often, the poetry and musicality is just not there for CCM)

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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I wonder if this is the same Pastor Steve Camp that serves as pastor for some of the leaders of Team / Life Business

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Jim, as you have pointed out, I should have worded my comment more directly. From what I can tell, Steve Camp is the pastor of the church with which Orrin Woodward is attached (see relationship here, here, and here). Mr. Woodward is one of the main leaders of the Life Business. While I agreed with most of Pastor Camp's article, if he is indeed Mr. Woodward's pastor, in my view, that working relationship severely undermines the article. I don't view my observation as "slamming a brother." —Dave